New Directions in Neurodiagnostic Care

We offer customized solutions to help you deliver outstanding care to the patients that you serve in your community


Combining over 75 years of experience, we deliver actionable, customized solutions and tangible results.

Aligned Neuro provides specialized solutions to launch and elevate your neurodiagnostic and epilepsy programs.


Closing the gap in neurodiagnostic and epilepsy programs.

  • Optimize Workflow
  • Manage Costs


Installing systems and expertise for the greatest possible patient outcomes.

  • Increase Throughput
  • Boost Efficiency


Transforming staff proficiency and competence in neurodiagnostic technology.

  • Improve Quality of Care
  • Pathway to Accreditations
Reading a Brain Scan

Where Compassion Meets Commitment

Neurodiagnostic services performs procedures to measure various neuronal functions of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nervous systems. Our consultants help identify gaps and opportunities within these programs. From core infrastructure to staff training, we develop a custom-tailored plan to suit the unique needs of your organization, minimize transfers and improve patient outcomes.

Aligned Neuro was founded to guide epilepsy and neurodiagnostic programs to function at their highest potential while delivering outstanding care to the patients that they serve.

Neurodiagnostic Consultants

Aligned with You

Aligned Neuro assists in the establishment of a foundational framework for epilepsy and neurodiagnostic programs, enhancing patient quality and accessibility through structured organization, heightened competence, vigilant oversight, and comprehensive education.

Compassion is at the forefront of what we do. Through our collaborative efforts, your hospital can function at its highest potential with winning results.

We’re Better Together

When you partner with Aligned Neuro, our commitment to enhancing your neurodiagnostic program begins on day one. We employ a proven 3-way approach to each client relationship.

  • Program Development
    Hospitals don’t have the resources or expertise to develop advanced programs within their facility.
  • Program Structure
    We ensure your hospital manages epilepsy and neurodiagnostic technologists with professionals who are well versed in neurodiagnostic services.
  • Quality
    Specialized education and training is key in maximizing both profit and patient care.
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We are advocates of quality care and patient access for neurodiagnostic innovation worldwide.

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Adam Kornegay


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have support and solutions for facilities that are supervised by non-neurodiagnostic personnel?
Yes. Contact us to discuss what possibilities are waiting for you.
Do you provide solutions for hospitals that outsource Intraoperative Monitoring?
Yes, we can provide you with various options that will help.
Do you work with any particular vendors?
No. While we have experiences with many different vendors, our solutions are independent of any outside influence.